The 13th-century Pieve di San Martino parish church bears witness to the most prosperous period in the history of the town of Palaia. It has three naves and features Romanesque and Gothic elements. The church of Sant’Andrea is found in the Piazza Sant’Andrea, and is finely decorated with works by Valdambrino, Andrea Pisano and Luca Della Robbia.
Montefoscoli’s permanent exhibition of the Civiltà Contadina (peasant civilization) preserves the heritage of vintage tractors and tools used by generations of farmers.
Numerous towns and villages are scattered throughout the municipality, which in recent years has become not only a tourist destination but also a location for weddings and ceremonies. From Palaia, one can get lost among the narrow roads that lead to medieval towns, to reach Villa Saletta, which has been a shooting location for films by Virzi and the Taviani brothers, and Toiano, an abandoned town set among hills and sandy ravines.

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Piazza della Repubblica, 56
56036 Palaia
t. +39 0587 621437

Geographical area

over 4.000

Distance from Pisa
44 km