An exciting programme of events dedicated to traditions, historical re-enactments, food, local celebrations, entertainment and cultural initiatives, with exhibitions, concerts and guided tours.



Breath-taking landscapes, medieval towns, unique artworks will accompany you during your journey across these lands. Natural pathways, cultural events, authentic flavours and friendly atmospheres will make you feel truly welcome in Terre di Pisa – a destination that will offer you a wonderful and multi-sensorial experience. Come to Terre di Pisa and you will enjoy a sense of wonder. Browse the map here below and click on the territory you would like to visit.

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Who we are

“Terre di Pisa” is a new destination, a brand that identifies the unique food-farming, artistic, artisanal, historic and natural assets of the Pisa country region and its excellent tourist facilities. A shared project supported by thirty-two Municipalities, the Valdera and Altavaldera Union, numerous Trade Associations, and representative tourist organisations of the Pisa territory.