Despite being a small village, Montefoscoli offers two unmissable occasions for a visit, namely the Temple of Minerva Medica and the Museum of Agriculture .

The latter, established in 1996, is a permanent exhibition housed in a 11th century building, purchased in the 16th century by the noble Pisan family Vaccà Berlinghieri. The building was subsequently converted into a farm. Maintenance works carried out in the basement brought to light a medieval underground passage that connected the house to the Castle of Montefoscoli, at the top of the village.

A large number of agricultural implements were then discovered and restored between the courtyard and the basement of the palace. The most significant are the oil jar store, the grain store, the plough collection, the oil mill and the blacksmith’s forge.

Every year the museum  organizes the Festival of Agricultural Civilization, offering a visit to the museum and an exhibition dedicated to the old trades, old and modern weapons and craft products. Visitors are also offered the opportunity to taste local wines and products.

Access: due to sanitary restrictions, the access is limited to max 6 people each tour. It is obligatory to wear a mask and respect the distance

Opening times
every day, only upon reservation
Free guided tours (in Italian)

Free admission, on donation

Info: 320 0291217
Museo della Civiltà Contadina