Palaia, Montefoscoli | Museum of Agriculture

The Museum is set up in a medieval house later converted into a farm, in the heart of the cozy hamlet of Montefoscoli. It offers visitors a full immersion into the world of rural civilisation and its evolution, while the entrance portico displays tools for work in the fields and workshops.

A journey into the world of rural civilisation

The Vaccà Berlinghieri House Museum was opened in 2005. It is an interesting insight into local history and the extraordinary role played by the Berlinghieri family in the socio-economic sphere.

There are objects on display, including an exhibition of surgical instruments, which trace the history of the family through their personal relationships with prestigious personalities of the time. An important family: the father Francesco and his son Andrea are in fact buried in the Monumental Cemetery of Pisa.

The library

The library holds a collection of medical treatises that reflect the role the family played in the cultural scene in Pisa during the stay of Leopardi, Byron and Shelley, including his wife Mary, author of the Gothic novel Frankenstein.

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