The first document certifying the existence of Crespina dates back to 983. In 1115, the town passed under the control of Lucca; it was later occupied by Pisa. In 1431, after a bloody insurrection of the population, Florence dismantled the castle and elected Crespina as a Podesteria under the vicariate of Lari.

The Macchiaioli

Although there is no trace of the castle, it is still possible to admire some beautiful manor villas from the 18th and 19th centuries, inhabited at that time by Giovanni Fattori, Luigi Gioli and Giorgio Kienerk, leading exponents of the Macchiaioli art movement.

Among these are Villa Belvedere, in a panoramic position with oratory, English garden and lemon house; Villa Corsini Valdisonzi, which has two different facades and a beautiful park around it; Villa Il Poggio (a former exhibition site); and the Villa-museo Carlo Pepi, the only one currently open to visitors.


Lorenzana was also part of the Republic of Pisa, until 1406 when it came under Florence. Then, in 1722 it became, together with Crespina, a grand-ducal fief at the behest of Cosimo III de’ Medici. It has no particular historical and artistic attractions other than the 13th-century Church of Saints Bartholomew and Christopher, monumental in appearance and rebuilt in 1850 following the violent earthquake that hit the Pisan Hills. Crespina and Lorenzana later merged into a single municipality in 2014.

The wine production

The area of Crespina Lorenzana has an ancient tradition of excellent wine production, already testified in the Camaldolese Annals. Moreover, Cenaia is one of the most important viticultural nurseries in Tuscany thanks to the cultivation of vine cuttings for the production of grapes and fine wines.

The surrounding area is characterized by vineyards and woods rich in spontaneous herbs. Last but not least, the nature trails allow for easy and pleasant walks and mountain bike excursions.

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Geographical area
Valdera – Colline pisane

over 5.000

Distance from Pisa
30 km

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