Ancient Owl Fair | Crespina


centro storico Crespina, Piazza Fiera delle Civette, Crespina

The Ancient Fair of the Owls, (since a few years ago a decoy bird) is included in the Regional Register of Historical Fairs and takes place every year in Crespina on 29 September, on the day of the patron saint San Michele.

Performance of owls, visit to the owl park, historical environmental walk, food and non-food stands, children’s entertainment are included in the rich program of the day.

Crespina has dedicated a bronze monument to the owl, the work of the sculptor Angelo Biancini, and an Owl Breeding Center which takes care of the reproduction of owls in captivity and which has been transformed into an open-air park for the recovery of protected species.

The fair is preceded by a two-day “Waiting for the owls” with street food, a craft market, children’s entertainment but above all owl and falconry exhibitions

Already in ancient Greece, the owl was considered sacred to the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom. The owl is also an important ally of hunters who use it as a decoy to deceive small birds, thanks to its “particular” technique: in fact, it attracts prey by beating its wings with bows, winks and seductive movements. And it is precisely this peculiarity of behavior that has given the term owl the metaphorical meaning of a vain and light-hearted woman who loves to be courted by attracting admirers with deliberately affected attitudes.

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