Lake Santa Luce is a habitat of choice due to the presence of numerous species of water birds. Important site along the migration route, it is a strategic node in the ecological network of the territory.
The Reserve presents characteristics and potential that make it a site of great importance in the system of provincial and regional protected areas in terms of biodiversity, but also of receptive and functional capacity for wide-ranging environmental education.

If the desire to expand your knowledge grows in you, experiencing a unique, different, unrepeatable experience, the Nature Reserve is the right place. Here you can take guided tours of the Reserve, excursions in the Santa Luce forest and walks for all levels, environmental education courses for adults and children, and more.

Info: 3357008565 on Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday 10am – 7pm or e-mail to

Below are the suggested itineraries and laboratories.



Excursion to the Lipu Garden

Meeting and departure: Reserve Visitor Center.
Route length: 12 km round trip.
Duration: full day.
Route difficulty: easy.
Suitable for all ages.

A pleasant and relaxing walk along the lake, admiring the colors of the great crests and the evolution of the marsh harrier and continuing on the farm road La Lespa, passing by wheat fields, vineyards, olive groves and the holm oak forest, finally arriving at the Giardino della Lipu, where we will stop for lunch, we will know the place imbued with nature and spirituality, to then resume the way back.

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Sounds in the night

Route length: 1 km.
Duration: 2 hours.
Course level: easy.
Suitable for all ages.

In the woods, in the countryside dotted with the Mediterranean scrub, the owls live almost invisible. Let’s get to know them through this night visit to the Lipu Lago di Santa Luce Reserve.

PROGRAM: Introduction to the biology and ecology of the Strigiforms present at the local level. Guided tour and three listening stages of 5 minutes each.

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Another agriculture

These are days dedicated to the knowledge of eco-compatible agricultural practices, alternative economies and creative home economics laboratory.
Another way to see and feel the world around us, a different vision of the rules that are the basics of life, of a new way of thinking and living.
Initiatives in collaboration with Azienda Agricola Le Macchie of Castellina Marittima, Loc. Le Badie.

THEMES: bread-making, bees and biodiversity, natural agriculture and permaculture, oil.

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Nature and spirituality

We believe that the Planet on which we live has a soul and that all living and non-living forms are bound, by a deep and hidden awareness of being part of a whole. At the Reserve Lipu of Santa Luce we try to learn and make known the flow of matter and spirit, with the aim of spreading balance and harmony in every practicable form. For this reason, we propose activities of awakening of consciences, alongside birdwatching and excursions: holistic paths immersed in nature that will take place in the grassy and wooded part of the reserve.

Meeting of the Reserve Visitor Center.
Suitable for all ages.
Reservations required 4 days before the scheduled event.

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Nature Trail

Route length: 2.5 km.
Duration: 3 hours.
Course level: easy.
Suitable for all ages.

You can take this route during the opening hours of the reserve to the public.
The map shows the itinerary of the route, which you can also download and use via mobile: route map.


Itinerary Reserve – Lama Tzong Khapa Institute

Route length: 24 km round trip.
Duration: 7 hours.
Course level: easy.

The path winds through the main path of the Reserve, which runs along the sides of the lake, to then pass between farm roads, plowed fields and forests of elms and hawthorns. It starts from the Reserve, there is a packed lunch or alternatively a vegan or vegetarian lunch at the Institute, by reservation. Guided visit to the ILTK in Pomaia and to the meditative disciplines.

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