Since 1976, the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Pomaia has been the most important Buddhist centre in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. It lies in the green Tuscan hills, 40 km south of Pisa.

A stay to meditate

The Institute is based in a large, completely renovated building, equipped with meditation rooms, dining rooms, a library and guest rooms, around which are the villa of the resident lamas and some wooden cottages for guests, particularly those on meditation retreats.

The association offers courses in philosophy, psychology and meditation, taught by qualified Masters and scholars who transmit the oral teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, as well as organising qualified seminars.


The Buddha Statue

On the occasion of the Dalai Lama‘s visit in June 2014, Europe’s tallest Buddha statue, which has a very special history, was inaugurated. It was made by set designer Dante Ferretti for Martin Scorsese’s filmKundun‘, and was in danger of being destroyed after filming. It was brought here, however, where sculptor Alessio Pazzini and his staff restored it according to precise Buddhist iconographic canons.

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