Lama Tzong Khapa Institute is a Tibetan Buddhist Center near the hamlet of Pomaia, on the Pisan Hills. The institute offers regular courses on Buddhism, meditation and many other topics for the development of kindness, compassion, and wisdom. The community consists of a sangha of Buddhist monks and nuns,  international students and visitors, and a large group of staff and volunteers.

Since its founding (1977), Lama Tzong Khapa Institute has grown into one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist centers in Europe. As an international school for Buddhist studies and practice, it attracts students from around the world who are interested in deepening their understanding of Buddhism and the mind through intensive study of Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

In 2014 the highest statue of Buddha in Europe has been here restored. It was made by sculptor Dante Ferretti for the film “Kundun” directed by Martin Scorsese. The statue risked to be destroyed after the shooting but was saved and brought here for the restoration.


Open all the year round

Visits on reservation

Info: 050.685654
ILTK Pomaia