Lajatico offers several marked and unmarked routes, suitable for those who do frequent physical activity but also for those who are not particularly fit, but want to discover the nature around this medieval village, birthplace of Andrea Bocelli, who returns every year in the summer for an international level event in the natural amphitheater of the Teatro del Silenzio.
In the area of Villaggio San Giovanni a nature trail has been set up with special structures, which allows a balanced program of motor activities to be performed freely, with the help of exercise equipment.

Below the details on nature trails



Path “One hundred steps in nature”
A hiking trail that spans a vast area of the territory and highlights its natural and scenic beauty. The starting point is set on the way to Orciatico, near the bridge of the Foscie stream, and is indicated along the way by arrows and maps. Given the difficulty of the route it is recommended for experts.

Route “The fortress of Pietracassia
Type of course: environmental, naturalistic, historical.
Length: 3 km west of Orciatico and 5 km south of Lajatico.
From Lajatico the access road is passable by car for the first 3.5 km, the last stretch of 1.5 km on foot. Access to the castle is more difficult.
From Orciatico the path is not marked through the woods and old mule tracks. Very difficult, for experts.

Path of the “Mofeta”
Type of path: environmental, naturalistic, scientific.
Length: 1.4 km north of Orciatico – 5.5 km south of Lajatico
From Orciatico: leaving the provincial road for Lajatico, the first 500 m are passable, as well as on foot, with off-road vehicles or adequate means, upon request to the municipality of Lajatico to open the access barrier. The last stretch of about 200 m is passable only on foot but still easily accessible to all. From Lajatico: travel time from the provincial road to Lajatico 15 min. on foot

Path of the “Windmills
Type of course: environmental, naturalistic, historical.
Length: 0.8 km south of Orciatico – 8 km south of Lajatico.
From Orciatico: access road to the edge of the forest that can also be traveled by car, the last section can be traveled on foot on the beaten track. Path also accessible to disabled people. Walking time from Orciatico, 20 min.
From Lajatico: by car towards Orciatico.


Path “of the Fauna and the environment of the hills of Orciatico”
Type of course: particular and original. First in Tuscany, it was built inside a repopulation and capture area managed directly by the landowners. In addition to the hilly landscape, you can admire the animals that live here undisturbed, such as hares, pheasants, roe deer, wild boar. A series of lookout roofs make eye contact with the animals easier. Access to the route is at the sports facilities in Orciatico and then winds through the hills and valleys below. Path marked and easy to access for everyone.
Length: 13 Km. journey time 4 hours (alternatively there is a reduction in the route, also indicated)

“Historic-naturalistic” path
Type of Route: the most complex and difficult of all, but at the same time the most suggestive from an environmental and landscape point of view.
Starting from the hamlet of Orciatico, continuing along the path of the Windmills it winds through the highest hills of the territory (554 m) passing through woods and clearings. From the top of the hill it is possible to admire the fortress of Pietracassa at a short distance. On a clear day, the view can embrace the whole Val d’Era, from one side the plain of Lucca, from the other Volterra and the whole Val di Cecina. Going down from the other side you return to the village of Orciatico. Journey time about 3 hours. Route consisting of local roads and mule tracks but not signposted.

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