Castel di Nocco is an ancient fortified village located on the road from Buti to Vicopisano.

The medieval soul of Castel di Nocco

In the Middle Ages it was part of a larger defensive system in the territory, aligned to the east with the Castle of Sant’Agata, and to the west with the fortification on the slopes of Monte Roccali (today only ruins of squared stones). The village has retained the characteristics of a medieval settlement, although only the underlying stone embankments remain of the walls, showing the longitudinal layout of the ancient castle.

The Church of San Michele Arcangelo

Among the ruins of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, the medieval stone perimeter walls are still visible, enclosing the side altars in pietra serena stone and the presbytery.

The Castle of Monte d’Oro

Another important structure is the Castle of Sant’Agata or Monte d’Oro, located on the summit of Monte d’Oro and accessible by a path from Castel di Nocco. The fortification, apparently of Lombard origin, was probably destroyed in the 12th century, during the wars between Pisa and Lucca. Access ramps and the base of the two towers can still be seen. The inside of the castle, with an irregular plan, is occupied by olive trees, while the surrounding walls are still clearly visible, consisting of a rampart where the patrol walk is preserved in some places.

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