Buiti Castrum was the original name in the Roman period for the village we now called Buti. It is mentioned in a document from 1068, at which point the village already had churches and fortified walls. Due to its strategic importance, Buti was part of a fortified system composed of eight castles, frequently caught up in the power struggles between Lucca, Pisa and Florence. It was razed to the ground and rebuilt several times. The oldest references from the Early Middle Ages trace back to the town of Castel Tonini (10th century), still dominating the village along with the beautiful Villa Medicea.

In the 19th century there was significant agricultural investment in the area, with the construction of numerous mills for chestnut flour and for olive oil, which yielded a flourishing economy.
Buti is located on the eastern slopes of the Monte Pisano, a natural setting with olive groves (along the Route of the Olive Oil) , chestnut groves, trails and roads easy, for unlimited hiking opportunities.

Associazione Bubamara
Piazza Divisione Acqui, 3
56032 Buti
t. + 39 0587 722519 


Geographical area
Monte Pisano

over 5.000

Distance from Pisa
24 km