Capannoli | Aero Club Pisa

The Aero Club of Pisa Federico Citi is a grass airfield of 670 meters near Capannoli, not far from Pontedera.

Learning to fly, the planned courses

The courses on the airfield concern the achievement of the VDS certificate (with Tecnam P92), motor gliders (Pipistrel Sinus), hang gliders (Pendolare Pipistrel), gyroplanes (ELA) and free flight (School No. 51) with a staff of instructors with extensive experience, not only in VDS, but also in General and Commercial Aviation.

In addition, on the airfield are trained the parachutists of the Army Sports Center and the Carabinieri Sports Center, holders of numerous world titles in various disciplines.

Aero Club, entry point into the aviation world

The Aero Club promotes the activities of construction of its own aircraft, starting from construction drawings, as well as the recovery and preservation of historical aircraft. The activity of dynamic aeronautical modelling (radio-controlled flying models with electric or internal combustion engine) is also encouraged as an entry point into the aeronautical world, especially for young people.

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