A document from the Lucca archive dating back to the 10th century informs us that the lords of Lombard origin started a village of huts – the modern Capannoli – because the previous settlement on the banks of the River Era suffered from frequent floods. It was with the Della Gherardesca family that the village assumed greater importance because the noble family had a castle built there. From the Pisan dominion in the 13th century, it passed to the Florentines and later to the Lorraine family.

The museums of Villa Baciocchi

Museo zoologico Villa Baciocchi

In recent years, Capannoli has had an important demographic growth and a consequent urban expansion thanks to the artisanal and industrial activities along the Via Volterrana. The redevelopment also involved the tourism sector, with the opening of the Museums of Villa Baciocchi, a complex that contains the Zoological Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Botanical Park. It is also perfect for events such as the traditional National Bird Fair which takes place in September.

In the surrounding area, the borough of Santo Pietro Belvedere is worth a visit both for the beauty of the landscape and for the medieval urban structure of the historic center, where visitors can admire some installations of the permanent exhibition “Equilibri in Natura” (Balance in Nature), also on display in the Park of Villa Baciocchi.

The wine route

The countryside is crossed by the Strada del Vino delle Colline Pisane (the Pisan Hills Wine Route), where quality wines with DOCG, IGT, or the new DOC Terre di Pisa certifications are produced.

The airfield

There are many CAI nature trails to be covered on foot, by bike or MTB, and even on horseback. On the Strada Provinciale della Fila, which from Pontedera arrives to Peccioli, in addition to the cycle path and a fully equipped camper area, there is the Valdera airfield of the Pisa Aero Club, ideal for fans of ultra-light gliding and hang gliding and with courses of ultralight and gliding flight, and drone piloting.


Zona geografica

oltre 6.000

Distanza dal capoluogo
34 km

Geographical area

over 6.000

Distance from Pisa
34 km

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