The museum is next to the Archaeological Area. On the ground floor, the room dedicated to the patron saint, the Blessed Diana Giuntini, celebrated with the traditional and heartfelt Procession of the Breadbaskets every year on Easter Monday.

Diana was a young woman who chose to live in poverty despite her wealthy family in the village. She died young, under 30 years of age. Although rare and later iconographic evidence shows her wearing a monastic habit, she was never a member of any religious order.

Here we find both the 14th-century document that mentions a hospital dedicated to the Blessed Diana, and the only painting that depicts her, painted in 1734 by Bamberini, a Florentine Baroque artist. Finally, there is an exhibition of the miracle of the transformation of the bread that Diana wore in her apron into roses and flowers.

The first floor houses the archaeological itinerary displaying finds from excavations carried out in the Lower Valdarno area from Roman times to the Middle Ages.

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