Centro storico Santa Maria a Monte
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi
Santa Maria a Monte

The traditional religious precession in honour of the patron saint Diana Giuntini takes place every year on Easter Monday.

The paniere are baskets of flowers that the districts offer as gifts and are worn on the heads of women with men at their sides. The flowers are a reference to the miracle performed by the Blessed Diana: the transformation of the bread which Diana was carrying in her apron into roses and flowers.

The procession recalls the transfer of the Blessed’s body from the ancient Church of Saint Dalmazio, (to save the body from the Florentine seige in 1327) to the Collegiata. The procession starts at the foot of the hill where the church of Saint Dalmazio once stood, and reaches the Collegiata in the town. The event features an artisanal sale, a flower and antique market and street artists.

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