Villa di Corliano is one of the most prestigious Renaissance villas in Tuscany. It presents a facade decorated with graffiti of Florentine Mannerism and with frescoes inside. It is part of a large monumental complex of the 15th century consists of the chapel, the farm, the oil mill, the stables, the Kaffeehaus and a large park with trees closed within a wall. The villa is owned by the Pisan nobles Agostini Venerosi della Seta.

The tour is conducted where possible by the owner or his collaborator, the duration depends on the interest of visitors and usually lasts from 30 ‘to 60’ to which you can combine a lunch or dinner at the restaurant in Corliano (331.5791910) or a social eating experience with menus on the ancient recipes of the house and served in Russian or French style in one of the dining rooms of the villa.

The villa is a location for ceremonies and weddings.

The story is full of details and anecdotes about the history of the house, as well as the narration of the  legends which the owners have been handing down since 1536.

The beautiful Teresa lived in the eighteenth century in the villa but still present in the form of a ghost. In addition to the sound of heels in the night, someone would have even seen her driving a carriage drawn by six horses on nights of full moon along the avenues of the park.

Frankenstein:  a famous frequent guest of the villa was Mary Shelley, author of the famous Gothic novel. It seems that in the basement of the villa were made experiments in galvanism by the surgeon Francesco Vaccà Berlinghieri, nicknamed “Francesco La Pietra” (Frankenstein in German), the same who owned the estate of Montefoscoli where there is the Temple of Minerva Medica.

Guided tours by reservation
Minimum 4 people, € 5.00 per person

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Villa di Corliano

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