The ‘Torre dell’Orologio’ (Clock Tower) is certainly one of the most beautiful and interesting towers in Vicopisano. Various elements contribute to this repute: its ancientness (first half of 12th cent.), its remarkable height, the presence of a complete series of stone corbels that once supported a timber balcony, ”sporto”, and the fact that it has been for centuries used as a bell-tower.

It is completely constructed in “verrucano” stones, except for the top part, which has been restored several times in the 16th century and later on; it features a great number of stone corbels that, in Middle Age, used to support the external timber structures, balconies or platforms on the outside of the tower. We can still see the pointed arch doors that led into the timber structure itself. The tower is 25 meters high; its soaring aspect is due to its irregular plan (3.8 x 5.6 m).
From some structural and iconographical details, the tower can be placed in the same construction period as Palazzo Pretorio. Fortunately, when the tower lost its former function of offence/defence, it was not demolished, but reused as a bell-tower, thanks to its considerable height. The clock – still existing on the west side of the tower – has preserved the original 18th century cogwheels, but there are documents showing that the clock was already existing in the 16th century.

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