The beneficial effects of the waters of San Giuliano were already well-known in Etruscan and Roman times. The elegant building’s current form is the result of a reconstruction that has brought the complex back to the 18th century splendor, when it was the summer residence of Grand Dukes of Tuscany and one of the main venues for European aristocracy during the Grand Tour.

Bagni di Pisa has welcomed many important guests such as King Gustav III of Sweden, Christian VII of Denmark, the Princes of England, Ibrahim Pascià and Paolina Bonaparte, Vittorio Alfieri, Carlo Goldoni. Legend has it that here, at Bagni di Pisa, Mary Shelley developed the idea for Frankenstein.

Today, Bagni di Pisa thermal waters are the ideal place for anyone who looking for the therapeutic results of its waters, useful both for rheumatic and vascular illnesses, and just for a relaxing holiday.  The thermal waters (rich in sulfur, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium) flow from the nearby mount  at 38°Celsius. They are useful for the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of chronic and degenerative diseases of the muscular, skeletal, respiratory, and cutaneous apparatuses.

The Spa is divided into two parts. “Bagni di Levante” are the classic type of hot springs, with therapeutic treatments that help wellbeing by using the water’s healing properties. “Bagni di Ponente” make up a modern wellness center inspired by the principles of  ‘salus per aquam’, where the western and eastern worlds join to create an environment filled with colors and essences, perfect for a personalized journey for wellbeing.

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Bagni di Pisa SPA