Bagni di Pisa are in San Giuliano Terme, at the foot of Monte Pisano between Lucca and Pisa.

Spas for the European aristocracy

Since the times of the Etruscans and Romans, the water was appreciated for its properties and curative functions. The boom of the spa developed in the mid-18th century when the Lorena, Grand Dukes of Tuscany, made it their summer spa residence, attracting the elite of the European aristocracy.

Here important guests have stayed  such as Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England, Vittorio Alfieri, Percy and Mary Shelley, Ibrahim Pasha, Carlo Goldoni.

Water at 38°

The spa became a place of resort and wellness, thanks to the multiple properties of their waters rich in dissolved minerals that give curative and therapeutic benefits. The waters of the source gush out at a temperature of 38° and are collected in two groups called “di Levante” (the spa) and “di Ponente” (the wellness center).

Today Bagni di Pisa are hotels and SPA that have carefully maintained their 18th century charm. In addition to cures and spa treatments, are available: beauty treatments, massage therapy, sauna and turkish bath, medical spa diet and detox programs.

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