The Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli Nature Park covers 23,100 hectars and stretches in the provinces of Pisa and Lucca.
Despite its location in an area of a high degree of urbanization, the Park has preserved the natural, environmental and historical features.

The Park extends along the north-west coast of Tuscany, among the mouths of the Arno and Serchio rivers. It is bounded to the south by the mouth of the Arno floodway (Scolmatore), to the north by Viareggio and the Massaciuccoli lake. It is divided into seven ‘historical areas’:  San Rossore Estate, Tombolo Estate, Coltano Estate, Migliarino Estate, Vecchiano Farm, Lake Massaciuccoli, Borbone Estate and Lucca Bush.

In ancient times the area was occupied by a lagoon and marshes which, over the centuries, were filled by detritus carried by the Arno and the Serchio. Land reclamation performed in different periods has determined the present geography of the area. The hydrographic configuration of the park has been altered by work carried out on major watercourses. ‘Lands created by the rivers and the sea’ is a definition that befits this wide coastal strip of northern Tuscany.

The landscape is characterized sandy coasts, hardwood forests, vast pinewoods and marshy areas. The coast between Marina di Torre del Lago and the mouth of the Arno is one of the few stretches of the Tuscan coast which has not yet seen the devastating impact of anthropization. The area north of the River Serchio has retained the typical vegetation of beaches and dunes. The microclima is characterized by an extraordinary variety of conditions, from the beach to the dunes, the woods, the swamps, the tombolos and the glades.

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