Trekking pathways for everyone around Palaia

Route 1: Around Palaia

This itinerary allows to touch some historical and naturalistic interesting points and to appreciate the
beauties of the landscape that characterize the surroundings of Palaia. With a little deviations it is possible to visit the Madonna of the Fortress Rock and the little center of Gello, with the Romanesque church of San Lorenzo. It is possible to leave the car at the parking of Via XX Settembre in Palaia.
Features: Distance: 9,77 km, Difference: 280 m, Medium Difficulty

Route 2: Around Montefoscoli

This itinerary walks white streets and paths around the Montefoscoli hamlet . The landscape aspect is
suggestive, with panoramic point in relief, historic proofs and rural life aspects that characterize this zone from always. The Temple of Medical Minerva is interesting because it is immersed in a grove of secular holm oaks and some apogee structures along the Bosco of the Carfalo, visible proofs of the ancient history of this territory. It is possible to leave the car at the parking in Via dei Fossi.
Features: Distance: 7,30 km, Difference: 153 m, Medium Difficulty

Route 3: Around Forcoli and Villa Saletta

Starting from Forcoli you leave the frenetic life of town and you get immersed in huge hilly landscapes,
tipically Tuscan, towers of hunt and little rural churches. It is recommended a stop at Villa Saletta, an
ancient hamlet that is inhabited, a very suggestive place, full of history and left untouched by the time.
Features: Distance: 13,8 km, Difference: 280 m, Medium Difficulty

Route 4: Around Agliati

This intinerary starts from the Eremo of the Agliati, a mystic and quiet place, where it is possible to admire the valleys and the enchanting landscape directed to the medieval hamlet of San Miniato at north east and to the Palaia hamlet at south west. The wood sections that link Agliati and Collelungo, the cypress lines that link to Toiano are suggestive. The path goes through the old thermal spa of Chiecinella, no more active nowdays.
Features; Distance: 8,04 km, Difference: 212 m, Medium Difficulty

Route 5: Around Toiano

This itinerary runs around the abandoned hamlet of Toiano, immersed in the badlands natural park. You can stop at the park of Toiano Vecchio and at the rests of the ancient fortress, located closed to Villa San Michele. An interesting walk for the history and the nature, because of the presence of the badlands, an event of soil erosion and some slopes with a particular geological shape, that characterize this unique territory.
Features: Medium Difficulty

Route 6: Around Usigliano and Colleloli

This itinerary walks through the ancient farm of Usigliano and Colleoli, with glimpses of this typical Tuscan landscape, characterized of extended vineyards and secular olive groves, symbol of the orderly man action. It is recommended a stop for a snack in Colleoli or at the wine bars in the area.
Features; Distance: 15,76 km, Difference: 399 m, Medium Difficulty

Route 7: Around Partino

It is an itinerary that is interesting from historic naturalistic point of view. It is recommended a visit at the Partino hamlet and at the Madonna della Rocca rock. Also the ruins of the San Leonardo chapel are very interesting, it is still visible the architrave with the Latin sign and the ruins of the little cemetery of San Giusto from the 1770.
Features: Distance: 5,16 km, Difference: 134 m, Easy Difficulty

Route 8: Around San Gervasio

It is a little way rich of latches. You fill find ancient rural farms and breathtaking landscapes, immersed in the pure nature. It is suggested a visit in the near medieval hamlet of San Gervasio and a stop at the wine bars on the territory.
Features: Distance: 6,67 km, Difference: 173 m, Easy Difficulty

Route 9: Around Alica

The stretches of vineyards and olive groves are the protagonists of this itinerary around Alica, an ancient hamlet on a tufaceous hill not far from Palaia. It is recommended a stop at the church that faces on one of the most suggestive terraces on the Valdera.
Features: Distance: 4,14 km, Difference: 134 m, Easy Difficulty

Route 10: Around the two Tosole

The itinerary of the two Tosole is so called because it runs the Rio Tosola Valley and the Botro della Tosola, two tributaries of the Roglio Stream. This is a quiet hard way, in spite of two long flat lines at the end of the valley.
Features: Distance: 16,29 km, Difference: 393 m, Medium Difficulty

Complete Itinerary “The Palaiata”

The territory of Palaia is made by a hilly landscape and is walked by a dense network of paths and white
street that make itineraries everyone can easily walk, dedicated to who wants to immerge himself in nature and history of this corner of real Tuscany. The way named “La Palaiata” has been thought to be a complete itinerary to do at least in two days, that touches all the realities and localities that compose the territory of Palaia. Along the walk there are a lot of farmhouses and hotels to ask for an accommodation and food, and lots of farms that produce local food and wine excellences.
The following is an example of a complete route, which starts and ends in Montefoscoli, but it is possible to experience “La Palaiata” starting and returning from any location in the municipal area.
Features – 1° part of the route – From Montefoscoli to Usigliano
Distance: 22,30 km, Difference: 514 m, High Difficulty
Features – 2° part of the route – From Usigliano to Montefoscoli
Distance: 22,18 km, Difference: 654 m, High Difficulty

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