This is a unique experience, on special boats, the Kayak Sit on Top that unlike traditional kayaks do not have a cockpit, but can be navigated while sitting on top and therefore they are much safer, as they float even in the event of a rollover. By using these special boats, the navigation of the Serchio river, in three stages, with nautical camping, starting from the north of Lucca to reach its mouth, near the beautiful beach of Marina di Vecchiano, near Pisa.

In the first part of the route, downstream of Ponte a Moriano, the river flows slowly through forests of poplars and beech woods, but there are also frequent areas of current where the kayak is pleasantly pushed along the gravel razors, sometimes touching the luxuriant vegetation.
Throughout the first stretch, the River Park frames the river in a picturesque and picturesque setting, the bike path that runs along its course is very popular with cyclists.
In the rest of the route you will meet some fishermen on the wide pebble beaches. Then it will be the turn of the tower of Nozzano and the Rocca of Ripafratta, evidence of a defensive system that brings us back to the Middle Ages, when Pisa and Lucca competed for these lands and for the river as well.
The last stretch of the route, adjacent to the area of San Rossore and the path along the coast to the south, is particularly striking, where the wild Gombo beach appears in all its charm, surely one of the most interesting places in the natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli.
Along the way there are many inhabitants of the river, different varieties of birds, such as Kingfisher, yellow and white dancers, herons and egrets, but also different fish species, from trout to barbs to carp and eels and then many dragonflies, frogs and tree frogs. In short, a look from a different point of view, to rediscover the beauty of nature and the charm of an adventure immersed in the wild environment.

Services: logistic support, technical material, expert guide of river navigation that accompanies the group and takes care of transporting tents and backpacks from one base to another until the arrival at the sea.

Info: Stefano Carpita, 3409762477

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