The Alta Val di Cecina includes the Municipalities of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Pomarance, Monteverdi Marittimo and Volterra. A land of hills, woods and waterways, the Alta Val di Cecina presents the signs of the millennial presence of mankind, diffused in an extraordinary naturalistic context.
Its cultural heritage is an integral part of a complex landscape mosaic, which offers the typical features of the Tuscan countryside, along with clay hills, extensive rocky outcrops, rugged hills and deeply incised valleys, vast forests and highly natural waterways.

Wouldn’t you like to discover and travel these lands on horseback? By now these walks are available to everyone, even amateurs, and offer the opportunity to experience nature in an exclusive way and in the company of a really special 4-legged friend.

For more information contact the Tourist Consortium of Volterra at 0588 86099, or via email:

Through the Valdicecina Outdoor website and the links highlighted in the itineraries below you can access more information on the routes and download the gps maps to travel them in total safety.


Castelnuovo and the medieval bridges
From the picturesque medieval village of Castelnuovo, which descends steeply in a maze of narrow streets, you come out in the chestnut woods, many of which are still well cultivated. With paths and comfortable streets you reach the valley floor of Torrone Pavone to admire the sweet, green and bright landscape. Going on, you can feel the humidity of the river and you can hear it bubbling up, just raise your head to the sight of the spectacular arch that overlooks the water course. The route ends with the view of another bridge, this time lower and wider, which crosses the flood plain with many smaller arches, to support an aqueduct transport.
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The Campo ai Meli
Very close to the Villa of Monterufoli starts a short walking path, that you can walk or ride, where you’ll see ancient forests and evidence of agricultural activities. Old fruit trees testify to their past, while the forest all around the clearing gives us a striking view.
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The ring of Poggio Vecchio
An easy ring track, with many suggestions, leads us to the discovery of all the forest types present in Monterufoli and to an interesting area for the sighting of wildlife, such as the wolf and the wild cat. The final stretch of the path, among pine forests and clearings, offers wide views and suggestive mosaics of colors.
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Landscapes, castles and rivers between Pomarance and the Berignone Nature Reserve
Enchanting panoramas, boundless forests, gentle landscapes, crystal clear waters, sightings of birds of prey and, with a little luck, also of the wolf.
From the historic center of Pomarance you begin to savor the countryside, still alive and characterized by the farmhouses, by important river ecosystems of the Cecina and the Fosci and Sellate torrents. The road to the Nature Reserve looks like a real tunnel inside the forest, at the end of which you will be able to admire superb views at the foot of the magnificent Rocca Sillana, an ancient Medici fortress overlooking the wild valley of the Pavone torrent.
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Ciclotour of the Berignone and Tatti Reserve
This route allows you to admire the woods and countryside of the Volterra area from above thanks to the panoramic areas. Crossing the forest of the Berignone Reserve you reach the slopes of Mount Soldano and, a little further on, you enter the woods of Tatti, known in Europe for its rare oak and oak trees in central Europe. Walking along the Sellate you descend on the old Maremmana road, characterized by damp environments and open areas that host deer, wild boar and roe deer but also wolves.
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