Ponte di mezzo
Lungarno Mediceo
56100 Pisa

Arcobaleno d’Estate (Summer Rainbow), now in its tenth edition, provides from 17 to 21 June days of festivities dedicated to Tuscans and tourists and involves the entire region, starting from the coastline. An opportunity to launch, at the start of the summer season, Tuscan excellence: food and wine, music, art and entertainment, but also nature.

In the Terre di Pisa the event takes place in Pisa and Saline di Volterra

Sunday 19 June, dinner on the Ponte di Mezzo in Pisa at 7.30 pm. Event by reservation only on the Confcommercio Pisa website at the page.
The accompanying band for the evening, the lighting, the elegant settings, and the quality of the dinner are more than convincing premises for experiencing a wonderful evening, enjoying the full potential of this unique corner of the city.

The Saline di Volterra Salt Mine will participate with guided tours on Friday 17 June afternoon, and Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 morning and afternoon, departures every hour.
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A unique sensory experience, combining historical insight with the fascination of the salt waterfall. It is the purest salt in Italy, certified, the one that descends from the Nervi shed, a masterpiece of modern architecture designed by the young architect in the 20th century, which today has become one of the most unusual destinations in the panorama of industrial tourism, intriguing and fascinating visitors with its sinuous parabolas.

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