04/01/2023 - 08/01/2023


San Giovanni alla Vena
Via Roma 14
San Giovanni alla Vena

The ‘Angel’s nativity Scene Crib’, created by local artist Angelo Perini for the past 24 years, is made in an old cellar in San Giovanni alla Vena, near the cozy medieval village of Vicopisano.

Visits by reservation for small groups from 15 December. Reception and entrance (Via Roma n.14/A) and exit (Via Roma n.14) have been reversed so that groups do not have contact.

Please arrive at reception 15 minutes before. Duration of the “Guided Tour” by Angelo Perini about half an hour for the Crib (in the cellar) and the sculptures (second room) and about another 30 minutes guided by a family member or helper to admire the over 50 Cribs and other wooden sculptures (displayed in the main room from which you will then leave).

In the olive tree trunks and logs, entirely hand-carved by the artist, real works of art have been carved, which are also linked to the territory: the Castle of Verruca, the small village of Tre Case, a glimpse of Egypt with the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Herod’s Castle, the Grotto of the Nativity, the village with the Stream, the small village of Case Bianche, the Castle of Vicopisano with the Fortress and its Towers, the Chiesino del Castellare and the Mill of “Papo”.

Everything is connected by a small road that runs through the Crib through a “journey” of about 500 lights and over 300 statuettes of different sizes.


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