30 May 2020
ore: 21:15 - 23:00


Centro storico Pontedera
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

Pontedera city of music

The first edition of the Pontedera Music Festival stems from the collaboration between Fondazione Piaggio, Accademia della chitarra and Accademia Musicale Toscana. A twenty-four concert programme running from 18 January through to 25 May taking place in five prestigious locations: Museo Piaggio Auditorium, Accademia della chitarra Auditorium, Accademia Musicale Tosca Auditorium, the Ss. Crocifisso Sanctuary, and Teatro Era. This ambitious festival sets out to become a national and international cultural appointment. The debut looks promising, with a mostly classical music programme with also masters of international pop, jazz and rock music, as well as Italian singer-songwriters. The classical music programme includes fine performances, starting with those organized by the Fanny Mendelsson musical association, always focused on actively promoting grand classical concerts, chamber music, and guitar, piano and lyrical recitals. A line up of outstanding performers will interpret music by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Brahms and other composers. Much awaited is the pop cult Jesus Christ Superstar musical (18 May, Teatro Era) organized and performed by the Bohemians Musical Academy and the Tribute concert dedicated to 40th anniversary of the De Andrè and Pfm partnership, performed by the Ensemble Cameristico of the Accademia della chitarra.

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