16/06/2022 - 30/06/2022
ore: 20:00 - 23:59


Via Tosco Romagnola
Via Tosco Romagnola
San Miniato Basso

For 13 years, for three consecutive Thursdays in June, San Miniato Basso (whose residents are called “pinocchini“), celebrates the famous puppet with animation shows, dances, fairy tales, music, games, street performances with the usual ‘Big Pinocchio‘ along the Via Tosco Romagnola Est.

16 June. Summer Carnival, parade of floats, masks and colours
23 June : PINOCCHIO AT THE TABLE animated dinner in the street
30 June : Music street, music and animation

Why are the people living in San Miniato Basso called “pinocchini” ? It seems that Carlo Collodi, the writer of Pinocchio, was inspired by the places in and around San Miniato! Carlo Collodi’s father worked as a cook in San Miniato and often, on his return from his travels, his son would visit him in a place once called Ponte ai Pidocchi (from here many people passed through, including poor, ragged, the so-called pidocchiosi). The name was later changed to Pinocchio because of a large pine tree (pino) that stood in the centre of the village.


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