14 November 2019 - 29 November 2019


Centro storico San Miniato
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi
56100 San Miniato

For fifty years the National White Truffle Market Fair of San Miniato turns the old town into an open-air tasting workshop for three week ends of November. The Truffle event is, however, just the peak of what this extraordinary season has to offer. Regulated by strict controls and a regional law that defines how they are gathered and marketed, the White Truffle of San Miniato is served in the best restaurants in the world. Production is limited due to the brevity of their season (from October to December).
Its roots date back to the Middle Ages, but it has only been a little more than 100 years that their gathering has been organised by the so-called Tartufai (Truffle-gatherers). Each of them keep their own secrets handed down through generations, their truffle dogs and their hidden paths in the nearby forests.

The programme 2019 includes numerous events, activities and entertainments during the three weekends in November, each with a particular theme

The first week end (9-10 Nov) is dedicated to the truffle-twinned towns of the region Marche.

The second week end (16-17 Nov) is dedicated to the Medici family, on the500th anniversary of the birth of Cosimo I anf the 450th years from the foundation of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

The third and last week end  (23-24 Nov) is dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte, who spent here some months with his father Carlo in order to collect the noble titles of the family and being inscribed to the French military school of Brienne.

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National White Truffle Market Fair, 49th edition | San Miniato