Month of the WWF Reserves

25/04/2024 - 26/05/2024

Oasi WWF Bosco Cornacchiaia, Vione dei Porcari, Calambrone

Also this year, from 25 April to 26 May, the ‘WWF Oasis Days’ return: a month of special events and extraordinary openings to immerse yourself in the wonderful nature of Italy. Over five weekends you can choose from dozens of initiatives.

In Terre di Pisa, on 7 May, a charity evening at the Bosco di Cornacchiaia in the former Tombolo Estate on the Pisan coast, in Calambrone. Info on page

The Oases are the WWF’s largest conservation project in Italy. For over 50 years they have been a heritage of biodiversity that testifies to how important nature conservation is for ensuring our future on the planet.
During this month you will have access to extraordinary openings and guided tours, many Oases will organise popular and educational activities such as birdwatching or events on the culture of healthy, zero-kilometre food, as well as moments of wellbeing through outdoor yoga lessons and play-creative workshops for children

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