02/07/2021 - 25/08/2021


Tenuta di San Rossore
Località Cascine Vecchie
56122 Pisa


The Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli celebrates the summer by offering dozens of free guided tours among the natural beauty of its beaches, from Lecciona to Calambrone passing through Marina di Vecchiano and Tirrenia.

Expert guides will accompany participants to discover the characteristics of the dune ecosystem, including the flora of the Mediterranean and species to be protected as the Kentish plover, a small bird that needs special protection to be able to nest in these places.  The calendar is available on the site of the Park, 25 places available for each visit, reservation required.

On the Pisan coast, the WWF Alta Toscana leads on the dunes of Tirrenia (Friday, June 18, Friday, July 16, Friday, August 20), for reservations call Marcello Marinelli at 3498542253; while Legambiente Pisa organizes excursions to Calambrone both on foot (Sunday 13 and June 20, Sunday, July 25) and by bike (Sunday, July 4), for reservations Andrea Somma at 3204603529, Federico Lazzeretti at 3335219968, Caterina Migliaccio at 3490969211.

Visits to the reserve of Lecciona, thanks to Legambiente Pisa (for reservations Jacopo Bettin at 3351558284 and Federico Lazzeretti at 3335219968) and Legambiente Versilia (for reservations Giacomo Grasseschi at 3899231999 and Virginia Palestini at 3288764122). Many dates available: Friday, June 18, Wednesday, June 30, Sunday, July 4, Wednesday, July 7, Wednesday, July 21, Wednesday, July 28, Wednesday, August 11, Friday, August 13, Friday, August 20, Wednesday, August 25.

Legambiente Versilia proposes excursion by bike from Lecciona to Bocca di Serchio (Wednesday, June 23, July 14 and August 4, for reservations Virginia Palestini to 3288764122), while the Lipu (for reservations Nicoletta Magrini to 3346180560) promotes the excursion from Lecciona to Torre del Lago (Sunday, June 27 and July 18).

Excursions to Marina di Vecchiano with Lipu (for reservations Nicoletta Magrini to 3346180560) and Legambiente Pisa (for reservations Caterina Migliaccio to 3490969211) Saturday 12 and June 19, Friday, June 25 and Sunday, August 1.

The initiative of WWF Alta Toscana on Friday, July 2 takes participants from Marina di Vecchiano to Tirrenia (for reservations Marcello Marinelli at 3498542253). Initiatives also in Bocca di Serchio with the excursions of Legambiente Pisa (Saturday 10 and Sunday, July 11, for reservations Andrea Somma to 3204603529) and packed lunch organized by Lipu (Saturday, June 26, Saturday, July 17, Thursday, July 29 and Saturday, July 31, for reservations Patrick Leonardo to 3337158900)

The area of the Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli has 30 kilometers of beaches from Viareggio to Calambrone and a marine protected area of 9000 hectares that together form an environment in natural evolution, with dunes, strips of trees, the mouths of the two most important rivers in Tuscany, various rare plant and animal species that confirm the natural quality.

WARNINGS: An ecosystem that must be safeguarded: when we go to the beach we use the official paths indicated and already beaten, which allow us to reach the shore without trampling on the nesting areas of the Kentish plover; we hang out our towels close to the shoreline or at most within 30 meters from the sea; we do not move the small woods and other natural elements because they are protections for the Kentish plover and in general are among the factors that allow the formation of the dune ecosystem. And we keep the beach clean and prevent pets from venturing far, keeping them on a leash so that their curiosity does not lead them to disturb the fauna.

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