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The traditional Lari cherry festival, which has reached the 64th edition, is back.

Edition 2022

The following dates should be noted: 28 and 29 May, 2 to 5 June, when the historic centre of Lari is ready to welcome the many visitors (last edition in 2019 over 10,000) with the producers’ market exhibition.

Days dedicated to taste and art, discovering gastronomic excellence and visiting the vicars’ castle and savouring the ancient and delicious fruit of the cherry, which has always made the area unique with its 14 native varieties now being examined by the Ministry for the procedure for recognition of the PGI mark.

The production of Cherry

Cherry production in the Pisan Hills, particularly in the Lari area, has a centuries-old tradition, as demonstrated by the many varieties still grown. Their diversity, together with the peculiarities of the area’s soils and climate, are the basis of the specificity of the Lari cherries, to which the knowledge and experience of the many farmers has also contributed.
Many artistic and cultural events are organised during the festival. In the main square there are stands of local producers, who offer the public their varieties of cherries in baskets and packages specially made for the occasion.

The festival takes place over the weekend with a full programme of events: great emphasis is placed on the Lari Cherry Market and the market for local food and wine products. Just as much space is dedicated to the organisation of collateral cultural and folk events that accompany visitors through the streets of Lari’s historic centre. In keeping with tradition, a prize is awarded to the producer who has succeeded in obtaining the best organoleptic quality fruit from his or her cultivations, through the presentation of the coveted Golden Cherry.

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