Vicopisano | S. Giovanni alla Vena, Oratorio del Castellare

The town of San Giovanni alla Vena, 3 km from Vicopisano, takes its name from an alleged gold vein mentioned as early as 1363 as Bagno alle Vena, when the battle between the Pisans and the Florentines took place. Its history is essentially linked to the production of ceramics, red-body, thanks to the presence of numerous ceramists’ workshops as early as the 16th century. The products of the work, glazed ceramics and tableware for domestic use, were sold until the beginning of the 20th century when the activity gradually disappeared, replaced by the manufacture of furniture.

Worth visiting in the village is the Parish Church of San Giovanni Evangelista, dating back to the 10th century but rebuilt in the 19th century on the pre-existing church. It houses a 13th-century cross painted by Enrico da Tedice.

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