Calcinaia | The Upezzinghi Tower

The Torre Grande of Calcinaia, known as the “Torre degli Upezzinghi“, represents the oldest evidence of the ancient castle settlement, as it dates back to the 13th century.

Count Ugolino’s mother was born here

Its ownership is traced back to the Upezzinghi who were, from the 10th century to the end of the 13th, the feudal family of Calcinaia. Here was born Uguccionella mother of Count Ugolino, mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

History, Torre Grande over the centuries

After the construction of the new walls (1287) and the consequent expulsion of the family Upezzinghi, the tower became the residence of the Captain of the castle and functioned as the seat of power until the 15th century, when the Republic of Florence ordered the building to be sold to private property. The monument was purchased by the City Hall in 1921 and the restoration works led to the replacement of some internal floors, the consolidation of the structure and the addition of battlements that made the tower touch the current height of 18 meters. After the damages during the Second World War, the tower was restored in 1999.

Today it is the seat of art and painting exhibitions, as well as meetings and presentations.

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