Between the Pisan hills and the sea on the coast lies Lake Santa Luce, an artificial reservoir created in the 1960s to supply the Solvay plant.

Today, it is the Regional Nature Reserve of Lake Santa Luce and a Natura 2000 site (Special Area of Conservation).

A perfect destination for birdwatching

With over 180 species of birds recorded, Lake Santa Luce is an important resting place for migratory birds and an unmissable attraction for birdwatchers.

In winter, the lake is populated by pochards, mallards and cormorants. In summer, the reeds are populated by small birds such as the Cettie Warbler, the Reed Warbler, the Eurasian bee-eater or the rare Great Crested Grebe, symbol of the Reserve.

A 2-km-long nature trail has been created along the southern bank, equipped with panels and observation areas, leading to a viewing hut.

The workshops

The Reserve has a Visitor Centre and educational and art workshops. Numerous entertaining events are organised throughout the year: synergistic agriculture and permaculture courses, self-discovery paths, rehabilitated animal releases and nature photography courses.



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