The reserve is in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills, covers an area of almost 5,000 hectares and is recognized as one of the most important “wilderness” areas of Tuscany, as well as classified as a Special Protection Area at European level.

It consists of two forest areas separated by the streams Sterza and Ritasso: the larger  Monterufoli in contact with the geothermal zone , the smaller Caselli climbs the Monti della Gherardesca .

The landscape boasts an extraordinary biodiversity, with vast forests and scrublands alternating with arid rocky areas and cool places. The vegetation with an endemic flora is varied: Mediterranean maquis, ilex groves, ancient plants such as yew, holly, laurel and “garighe”.

The fauna is very rich in birds of prey among which the eagle of snakes stands out”, it is also populated by animals such as the wolf, the wild cat, the marten.

Here you can experience a dive into the clear waters of the streams Trossa and Sterza, a walk on the “green rocks of snakes” , observe wildlife, discover a tunnel, a bridge, a ghost building of ancient mines, the “Villa of the hundred rooms” or a farm.

The area is also distinguished by its mining and mineralogical richness: hydrothermal events, mining landscapes, related to the research and exploitation of copper, chalcedony, magnesite and lignite.










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