The Monterufoli-Caselli and the Berignone Montenero Reserves are areas of wild unspoilt nature in the Upper Cecina Valley.

It covers over 7,000 hectares, with forests and a charming alternation of woods and bush. The peculiar transition from the Mediterranean to the continental climate have given rise to different areas, each characterized by a peculiar flora and fauna. The abundance of springs and clear watercourses is another essential resource for plants and animals, offering visitors charming bathing oases such as the Masso degli Specchi and the Masso delle Fanciulle. The reserve is close to other zones of remarkable environmental value such as the Pavone Stream and the Tatti Bush. Until the 1960s the woods were used intensively to obtain firewood for the evaporation boilers of the Volterra saltworks and in the production of coal.

The Monterufoli-Caselli Reserve lies in the Colline Metallifere, crossed by streams and ditches. Its morphology is characterized by rocky outcrops, erosion phenomena and deeply cut valleys. Near the boundaries of the area are geothermal phenomena such as hot sulphureous springs (“putizze”).



Monteverdi Marittimo | Monterufoli Reserve

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