It originated from the Church of Santa Maria a Valiana. The church preserved an image of the Virgin sculpted in an oak trunk that from the early 16th century inspired increasing devotion. In 1515 the church was enlarged to make it more suited to the new worship needs. It features an aisleless interior with chapels on either side. The apse and the roof were rebuilt after World War II. The Chapel of the Madonna was given its present appearance by Pasquale Poccianti in the early 19th century. Its solemn Neo-Classical structure is remarkable by the fine white stucco ornamentation executed by Emilio Santarelli. The small temple in the centre, made by Amalia Dupré, preserves the sacred image of the Madonna of San Romano. The Antiquarium is open on Sundays and Saturdays t contains altar cards, crosses, reliquaries, chalices and chasubles, mostly dating from the 18th century, documents on the history of the shrine, numerous tablets and valuable votive offerings, and a 1730 confessional by Fra’ Desiderio of Florence.from 4.00pm to 7.00pm or by appointment. I

Address: Piazza Santa Chiara – San Romano
Contatto: 0571-459990, 366-5030430