The wall, inaugurated in 2006, is the last work of the artist Enrico Baj, founder of the “Nuclear” movement, founded in the fifties in Milan.

The main intention of this group is to study and analyze the relationship between science, art and technology.

A dialogue between science, art and technology

The polychromatic and polymateric collages, through the unraveling of a long and varied frieze of human presences of mechanical allusion, represent the icon of the satirical vein of the artist, who ironizes on the mechanicalness to which man risks to be reduced and on the daily danger of the robotic homologation that characterizes consumerism.

A critique of consumerism

The wall represents one of the largest contemporary mosaics in Italy.

The sketches are visible, a few steps from the wall, at the nearby Otello Cirri Art Center.

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