It is housed in Palazzo de Larderel, recently restored and furnished with the most modern techniques of museum-graphics. A journey that starts from the use of the geothermical resource in the Etruscan and medieval period, taking us up to the industrial development and to the contemporary challenge of sustainable energy.

In 1913 the first ever geothermal plant was built. Today the plants are the pulsing heart of the geothermal system and together with those on Amiata produce about the 27% of the total electrical needs of Tuscany.

The Geothermal Energy Museum is open all the year round to groups and individuals. It is particularly suitable for school visits with didactic activities on geothermal power and its natural phenomena. The visit includes the museum rooms, the plastic-model room (with slides that show the origin of geothermal energy, the research, the drilling activity), the covered “lagone” (geothermal lake) and the thermal spring. Just like a journey at the center of the Earth. 

A visit to a geyser (steam jet) and to a power station can also be arranged.



Opening times
1 May – 31 October
every day 9:30 – 6:30 pm
Booking requested

Info and reservations
0588 86099
Consorzio Turistico Volterra


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