The State Archives of Pisa on the riversides at Palazzo Toscanelli, was instituted on February 22, 1860 by the Provisional Government of Tuscany.

It preserves the historical records produced by the public institutions in the province of Pisa and by voluntary deposit of any other archives or documentary collection of historical importance. Its first location was the palace above the Logge di Banchi, inaugurated on June 4, 1865 and today used as a subsidiary office.

The heritage includes documents from the 8th century, gathered in 130 inventories. The original nucleus of the collection included documents from the archives of the Pisan Republic, during the Florentine domination, those of the Grand Ducal period, as well as from the deposits of the Opera della Primaziale and others.

The collection was subsequently enriched by the archives coming from the Pisan monasteries and by donations of the noble Tuscan families.

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