The arsenals (shipyards) of the Republic were an ancient complex of buildings aimed at the production and repair of galleys of the ancient Republic of Pisa. Today only one building remains, partially destroyed during the bombing of World War II and restored in 2015.

Historical notes of the arsenals

The first news of the republican arsenals date back to the beginning of the thirteenth century when, outside the western side of the city walls, the Pisan dockyard was built, where new boats were built or galleys were repaired. Around the middle of the century the area was fortified with the construction of other sides of the wall, leaning against the urban circle.

At the end of the fourteenth century part of the arsenals were converted to warehouses and factories of arms. After the Florentine conquest the area was interdicted to Pisani, assuming the function of fortified citadel. Since the mid-sixteenth century ceased to be a military fortress and there was established the Botanical Garden, later transferred to another part of the city. In the eighteenth century there were located the prisons and was built a cavalry barracks, hard hit by the bombing of 1943, along with most of the medieval arsenals.

Modifications and restoration
In the 14th century, several changes were made, including the demolition of the thirteenth-century porticoes and the construction of new porticoes for galleys with pointed arches: these are the latter structures recovered today for five lanes, after the disastrous bombing of 1944. The complex was restored in 2015.

The Arsenals are home to exhibitions, conventions and shows.

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