Beach honey is a multiflower honey obtained from the flowers growing by the dunes in the Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Park, on the Tuscan coast.
The Mediterranean vegetation, which thrives on the beaches in the spring and summer, gives the honey a unique flavor. Some of the plants that the local bees visit are pioneer species, including wild lavender, sea daffodil, bramble, myrtle, shrubby everlasting, which gives the honey its characteristic marine aroma.

The beach honey is produced by placing the hives near the beaches where the “Helichrysum” grows and above all where between spring and summer many rare flower species (typical of the strands) bloom. The Helichrysum is essential oil gives the beach honey its typical sea fragrance and aroma. Researches proved its high quality thanks to important nutritional elements.

The beach honey has a light-amber color, is transparent and very fluid. The color depends on available flowers. It has a fluid consistency and a distinctive marine aroma.
It is usually eaten on bread or with cheese.


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