The first nucleus of the diocesan historical archive is the archiepiscopal archive, which brings together the documentation produced by the spiritual and temporal activity of the bishopric since 720 AD. There are numerous documents produced by various ecclesiastical bodies in the diocese, totalling approximately 8300 parchments and over 12000 archival units on paper. Among the most important documents are the capitular archives of Pisa, the archives of the convent and seminary of Santa Caterina, and the archives of the University of the Cappellani del Duomo.

Among the parish archives, it is worth mentioning the archives of San Ranieri and of the Parish of the Cathedral, where there is a record of the baptisms of all those born in the city of Pisa, from 1458 to 1911, the year in which the baptismal fonts were granted to each parish.

The Diocesan Library includes the Biblioteca Cateriniana, founded in the 13th century in the Dominican convent of St Catherine of Alexandria, and connected to the Seminary in the 18th century following the donation of the personal library of Archbishop Francesco Frosini, and the Cardinal Pietro Maffi Library, inaugurated in 1920 by its founder, who was Archbishop of Pisa from 1904 to 1931.


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