The Cornacchiaia WWF Reserve stretches in the seaside resort of Calambrone, at the southern edge of the Tombolo Estate. The naturalistic site allows to appreciate the ‘tomboli’ (dunes) and ‘lame’ (wet depressions), barriers of sandy dunes separated from each other by depressions. It is  part of the Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Park.

There are many fresh water ways and circular wells where marsh vegetation grows, thanks to the stagnant surface water that brings about the flowering of the lower slope.  The reserve, accessible from Calambrone in Via dei Porcari, features fauna and birdwatching observatories.

Opening times
Sunday, guided visits on reservation

€ 5,00 donation to WWF
Free children under 12 years

Info and reservations
WWF Pisa

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