The Triangolo Verde (Green Triangle) is a container, a balcony overlooking the waste treatment and disposal plant.

An urban regeneration project

It is an essential and rigorous architectural structure with a particular connotation that combines part of the “geometric” brand of Belvedere Spa, the “triangle”, combined with the colour that characterises it and best suits the environment that welcomes it.

From a meeting place that hosts events, cultural activities and training courses, it has increasingly become a terrace from which it is possible to see the result of the fusion between the daily actions linked to common sense and the realism of an industrial plant such as Belvedere.

‘Presenze’, an oxymoron between rebirth and destruction

Since 2011, it has been flanked by the art installation “Presenze” by Naturaliter, gigantic human figures (the so-called Giants) that evoke rebirth to new life where destruction par excellence, expressed by waste, takes place every day.

A scenic space overlooking the facilities

In 2016 Sergio Staino’s “All’altezza delle Margherite”, ten images reproduced on polycarbonate panels, decorated the external walls that protect the mechanical biological treatment plant from the wind. In 2017 the British artist David Tremlett brought his colours and geometric shapes, typical of “wall drawing”, to the containment walls and tanks of the waste disposal plant. Finally, a theatre, built with slabs of tufa stone anchored to the ground so as to exclude the use of cement, completes the evocative scenic space where open-air cultural events are held.

Free guided tours of the waste treatment and disposal plant and/or the area of the “giants”, visit the website.

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