The Museum of Sacred Art, housed in the Church of Sant’Agostino, (Piazza XX settembre) displays a splendid collection of works mostly from the Cathedral and to a lesser extent from other churches in the Diocese of Volterra.

Among the most important works are the bust of San Vittore (12th century) and the glazed terracotta bust of San Lino, the second Pope and patron saint of Volterra (by Giovanni della Robbia), the reliquary donated in 1120 by Pope Callisto II to the Bishop of Volterra, the Madonna delle Grazie by Neri di Bicci (1451) from the Church of San Giusto and a silver crucifix by Pollaiolo.

On the high altar, the “Pala di Villamagna” (1521), one of Rosso Fiorentino‘s masterpieces, depicts the Virgin and Child, St John the Baptist and St Bartholomew.






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