The museum collects and preserves masterpieces and memories from the monuments of the Piazza del Duomo, works from time to time replaced with other more “current” or copies.

Masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

They are an expression of the magnificence of Pisa starting from the 12th century: in the powerful and rich Maritime Republic of that period, different artistic cultures met, from the transalpine to the Islamic ones. Nicola Pisano started up a new season of experimentation in sculpture that had in itself all the seeds that would germinate in the great art of the Renaissance.

The new face of the restored museum

museo opera duomo pisa sculture

The museum, reopened to the public in 2019 after a long restoration. has been enriched with new restored works: it spreads over 3000 square meters inside, arranged on two floors, and on a part of the outer porch. The 380 works on display are divided into 26 sections that make use of a special didactic apparatus and multimedia stations created by the PERCRO Robotics Lab of the Scuola Sant’Anna.

The museum is closed by the splendid cloister that overlooks the Leaning Tower and that preserves on the ground floor the statues of the Madonna and Child, the Evangelists and the Prophets sculpted by Giovanni Pisano for the Baptistery.

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