Castelnuovo VDC, Montecastelli P| Museum

The Museum of Rural Life of Montecastelli Pisano was born in 1985 with the aim of documenting the agricultural and handicraft activities of the Val di Cecina through the objects donated by the inhabitants of the village.

The collection of work tools is composed of instruments, dating back to the 19th and first half of the 20th century, used by sharecroppers at the turn of the century for agricultural work, forestry, weaving and handicrafts. On display are tools for carpenters, cobblers, farriers, saddlers, molds for the production of tiles and bricks, scales, and tools (forks, shovels, scythes, billhooks, spades).

Montecastelli Pisano is a small jewel of medieval fortified village in whose historical center stand the two main buildings, one civil and one religious: the Rocca dei Pannocchieschi and the Pieve dei Santi Jacopo e Filippo, a parish church.
Coming out from the narrow alleys, from the covered passages it is possible to admire a panorama of sweet hills cultivated with vineyards, from which the IGP Montecastelli is obtained. Nature trails, which wind along the Pavone torrent, lead to abandoned copper mines. It is worth mentioning Buca delle Fate, an Etruscan tomb of the sixth century BC, which attests the antiquity of the settlements in the area and served as a refuge for the first persecuted Christians.

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