Mignola is a rare variety, indigenous to the Italian region of Marche. In Tuscany it can be found in very limited areas, among which in the hills around San Miniato.
This variety, particularly prized for its rareness and quality, is particularly rich in health promoting polyphenols, responsible for its bold and bitter almond aftertaste which combines perfectly with the Tuscan soups (in particular the cabbage or that of black cabbage in winter) but also with grilled vegetables or rasted bread (bruschetta)

Almost all of the existing Mignola trees are centuries old and this variety is rarely replanted due to the popularity of more common “national” varieties.

It’s difficult to harvest. The word “Mignola” literally means “sticks” to the trees, and requires 100% of hand harvesting. The trees, often subject to alternating production years, have contributed to the abandonment of the Mignola variety. 


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