Fauglia | Museum “Giorgio Kienerk”

The Kienerk Museum in Fauglia, set in the premises of the old judicial prisons in Via Chiostra, exhibits a collection of paintings, sculptures, bas-reliefs and drawings by Giorgio Kienerk. Over 130 pieces donated by his daughter Vittoria to the municipality.

Giorgio Kienerk and the ‘Stains
“Under the Lamp”, Giorgio Kienerk

Giorgio Kienerk had a long association with Fauglia and the Pisan Hills, having spent every summer with his wife Margherita and daughter in the family villa at Poggio alla Farnia.

The versatile Florentine artist immortalised the surrounding countryside, starting from the teachings of Cecioni and Signorini to the ingenious invention of the refined ‘Macchie’ or ‘smiles’ drawn without outlines.

Collection Kienerk

The collection consists of around 130 pieces including plastic works, bas-reliefs and sculptures, mostly oil paintings, some pastels, numerous drawings, notebooks with ink and pencil sketches, engravings and lithographs.

The works cover the entire artistic career of Giorgio Kienerk, from his youthful production to his maturity, and bear witness to the many interests of the artist, who devoted himself to sculpture, painting, graphics, illustration and applied art.

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