The Scotto Garden, also called Cittadella Nuova, is a fortress located in Pisa in Lungarno Fibonacci.

The construction, with the contribution of Brunelleschi

The structure was built during the first Florentine domination, starting from 1440, where there was the Church of Sant’Andrea in Kinzica; the construction of the fortress, to which also Filippo Brunelleschi contributed, involved the reuse of part of the medieval walls and the disappearance of the ancient quarter. In 1494, during the insurrection of the citizens of Pisa, the fortress was partially destroyed and, following the second Florentine conquest, restored by the architect Giuliano da Sangallo.

Domenico Scotto
In 1785 the Bastione Sangallo was dismantled and in its place rose a noble palace that, in 1798, became the property of Domenico Scotto, from which today’s name. The rest of the fortress was transformed into a private garden by the architect Giovanni Caluri and donated to the Municipality of Pisa.

The last renovation dates back to 2008 and recently has been completed the restoration of the bastion.

Today the Scotto Garden, as well as a place of entertainment for families, students and tourists, hosts concerts, theater performances and outdoor cinema in the summer season.
It is also a location for weddings.


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