The Giardino Scotto, also called Cittadella Nuova, was a former fortress in Pisa close to the riversides (Lungarno Fibonacci).

The structure was built during the first Florentine domination, starting from 1440. The construction of the fortress, to which also the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi was involved, determined the re-use  of part of the medieval walls and the disappearance of the ancient quarter. In 1494, during the uprising of the Pisans against Florence, the fortress was partially destroyed.
Following the second and definitive Florentine conquest, it was renovated for a military use by the architect Giuliano da Sangallo.

In 1785, the Sangallo Bastion was dismantled and a noble palace was built inside. In 1798, it became the property of Domenico Scotto, hence its current name. The rest of the fortress was transformed into a private garden by the architect Giovanni Caluri and donated to the Municipality of Pisa.

The last renovation was carried out in 2008 and the restoration of the bastion was also recently completed. Today the Giardino Scotto, as well as being a recreation area for families, students and tourists, hosts concerts, theatre performances and open-air cinema during the summer season. It is also a wedding venue.


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