In Castellina Marittima, at the former palace work “Massimino Carrai” is the Museum showing the historical-productive aspects of the activity of excavation and processing of alabaster from the Etruscans to the present day.  The “place of work” was in the nearby valley of the Marmolaio torrent, where the only gallery quarry still existing of “Scaglione” (one of the best quality), has been put in order and used for excavations and for the visit of tourists, who will be in physical contact with the activity.

The eco-museum of alabaster is an environmental museum that starts from the quarries of the stone of Castellina Marittima and Santa Luce up to its production and marketing in Volterra. There are essentially two itineraries on which the museum system is articulated: itinerary of the excavation (in the quarries or “venelle” along the Marmolaio stream) and itinerary of the processing and marketing in the museum of Volterra.


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