Crespina Lorenzana | Hamlet of Tremoleto

The hamlet of Tremoleto is located between Lorenzana and Fauglia along the road to Collealberti. Its curious name probably derives from the Latin word ‘tremulus’, meaning poplar. The locality was a castle of some importance together with the ancient parish church dedicated to Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano, perhaps located where the cemetery is today. Two inscriptions attest to its existence as early as the 11th century, while we know that it was restored in the early 17th century and rebuilt in its current appearance in the late 18th century. The hamlet is still characterised by the presence of several farmhouses and the Villa Roncioni, named after the illustrious Pisan family (see the villa in Pugnano between Pisa and Lucca) that owned it in medieval times, before being known as Villa Galliana and owned by the Della Gherardesca family.

During the Lorraine period, Tremoleto became the seat of the feudal commissioner who resided in Palazzo Roncioni, where the prisons were also located. It passed into the hands of the Counts Miari Fulcis in 1931 and was converted into a residential villa: coats of arms and inscriptions that decorated the building have been lost.

Today the palace is a private residence.

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